eMarine Solutions is an authorised Lowrance distributer and marine electronics installer for Lowrance fish finders, transducers and trolling motors. Whether you have a tinny or a fully outfitted fishing boat we can help you with Lowrance product selection, sales, installation, training and servicing of your Lowrance marine setup.


Lowrance Fish Finders & Chartplotters

Lowrance offers fishfinder/chartplotters in screen sizes ranging from 5 to 16 inches, with options for multi-touch touchscreens or standard non-touch displays controlled by a keypad. The faster processors in these devices result in responsive menus, quicker sonar updates, and faster chart redraws, enhancing the overall efficiency of your on-water experience. The displays are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including trolling motors, shallow water anchors, third-party chart providers, and entertainment options.

Lowrance's commitment to safe and efficient navigation is evident through preloaded C-MAP charts that simplify finding ideal fishing spots. These charts help identify areas like ditches, drops-offs, points, and submerged roads, allowing users to spend more time fishing and less time searching for the perfect location. In uncharted territories, the Genesis Live real-time mapping feature, available on all Lowrance displays, enables users to create personalized charts with detailed contours, ensuring a comprehensive mapping experience tailored to your preferences.

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Lowrance Sonars & Transducers

Utilizing Lowrance sonar enhances your fishing experience by allowing you to concentrate on specific areas where fish are visible or in fish-holding spots like rocks, drop-offs, ditches, trees, logs, and more. Without sonar, the challenge of catching fish increases significantly as you lack the knowledge of their whereabouts or the locations they prefer for hiding.

Experience superior clarity in observing fish, structures, and the bottom straight out of the box with Lowrance CHIRP. This technology provides optimal views of individual fish targets, even when they are in close proximity to the bottom or suspended in tight schools. The diverse range of transducers available may seem overwhelming, but Lowrance ensures that whether you're fishing in ponds, lakes, coastal areas, or offshore, they offer the ideal sonar technology to assist you in discovering more fish.

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Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor

Lowrance Ghost trolling motors stand out as the easiest to launch and stow compared to others on the market. The innovative Lowrance Ghost freshwater trolling motor, in particular, offers anglers a host of best-in-class features, enabling them to fish for extended periods, move faster, and approach closer to fish without causing disturbances. The Ghost motor's groundbreaking propulsion technology, coupled with a brushless motor, delivers unparalleled thrust and boasts the longest run time among trolling motors available. The integration of Lowrance sonar options and GPS anchoring further enhances its capabilities.

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor seamlessly integrates with compatible displays, offering complete touchscreen control. It also features plug-and-play Lowrance sonar, making it a breeze for anglers to incorporate into their setups. Compatible with various boat configurations, the Ghost trolling motor easily integrates into 24 or 36-volt systems without requiring  any charger or battery upgrades.

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