Ensure optimal voltage stabilization even amidst heavy loads with the Magic Series DC-DC Converter. Designed for professional use, this converter doubles up as a reliable 3-step battery charger, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly without disruptions. Its unique capability to regulate voltage both up and down guarantees stable performance, even when battery voltage fluctuates. With galvanic isolation between input and output circuits, it safeguards sensitive equipment from disruptions, making it ideal for communication setups.

Crafted for versatility, this converter boasts adjustable and programmable output voltage, allowing you to customize settings based on your specific requirements. Whether it's ensuring a longer lifespan for halogen lights or enabling dimmer function for Mac & Magic models, this converter delivers exceptional performance. With interference suppression features and the option for negative or positive grounding, it's a must-have for any professional setup.

Programmable Control

Easily program and control the Magic converters using a desktop, laptop, or PC. Utilize the communication port and MasterAdjust software for seamless configuration.

Energy-Efficient Dimmer Function

Unlike standard light dimmers that waste energy as heat, Magic converters efficiently regulate power without excessive heat buildup, ensuring safety and energy savings.

Parallel Operation

Need more power? Configure multiple units in parallel to achieve over 100 amperes. Advanced technology minimizes power loss during voltage switching, maintaining efficiency.

Built for Tough Conditions

Designed for professional, semi-professional, and recreational use, Magic converters excel even under extreme conditions, offering reliable round-the-clock performance. With a proven track record of sustainability and technology, they provide uninterrupted power supply when needed most.

Versatile Power Supply

Magic models serve as stabilized power supplies, offering flexibility from 12 to 24 V, 24 to 12 V, or 24 to 24 V with galvanically isolated inputs and outputs.

Solid Connections

Featuring galvanized brass connection blocks with screw terminals or chrome-plated fast-ons, ensuring reliable connections for DC input/output in Mac/Magic models.

3-Step Battery Charging

Mac/Magic series can function as advanced 3-step battery chargers for Gel, AGM, flooded, or Lithium Ion batteries, enhancing versatility and functionality.


  • Regulates voltage both up and down for optimal stabilization
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output circuits
  • Adjustable and programmable output voltage
  • Dimmer function for compatible models
  • Interference suppression for sensitive equipment


Part Number 81300400 81300300 81300100 81300200
Model Magic 12/12-20 Magic 12/24-10 Magic 24/12-20 Magic 24/24-20
Specifications Input
Nominal input voltage 12V   24V  
Input range 11–16V DC   19–32V DC  
Input range, 3-step charge mode 12–16V DC   24–32V DC  
Lower input set point 10V DC*   20V DC*  
Delay lower input set point 30 sec.*
Specifications Output
Factory setting 13.6V DC* 27.2V DC* 13.6V DC* 27.2V DC*
Voltage adjustable* 10–15V DC 20–28.5V DC 10–15V DC 20–28.5V DC
Output voltage dimmer* 4–13V DC 8–26V DC 4–13V DC 8–26V DC
Stabilised 2% at extremes of temperatures, load and input
Ripple max. 1% peak peak
Power (max./nominal) 300 / 300 W 300 / 300 W 300 / 300 W 580 / 580 W
Max. current 20A 10A 20A 20A
Charge current – 3-step mode 16A 8A 16A 16A
General Specifications
Galvanic isolation yes
Voltage limited yes
Efficiency >90% (at nominal input voltage, full load); 92% peak
Protected against over load yes
Protected against over temperature yes
Dimmer function yes, by external momentary switch via fast-on connection, to be activated by DIP-switch setting
Alarm contact yes (fast-on connector)
Dimensions, H x W x D mm 227 x 154 x 81
Weight kg 1.8
Approvals CE
Technical Specifications
3-Step charge option yes (DIP switch settings)
DC consumption <115 mA
Connections input/output screw terminals, maximum wire size 16 mm2 / AWG5
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25°C–80°C, >40°C derating / -13°F–176°F, >104°F derating
Cooling maintenance free vario fans
Sound level <48 dBA at 1 mtr
Protection degree IP21
MasterBus compatible yes, by means of MasterBus Serial Interface (110572)
EasyView 5 110661 Touch screen panel for reading status and dimmer function settings.
MasterBus Serial Interface 110572 Integrates the Mac & Magic converters in a MasterBus network.
SKU MV81300
Brand Mastervolt

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