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When vessel owners are looking to upgrade their boat electrical power system they often have a range of questions including the following

  • What size battery bank do I need for my boat?
  • What size inverter do I need for my boat?
  • How much solar power do I need for my boat?
  • How do I calculate my battery bank or inverter size?
  • Should I upgrade to lithium on my boat?

The eMarine Vessel Energy Calculator is designed to assist you determine battery bank size, type, inverter size and solar array required to power your onboard systems. Whether you own a fishing boat, power cruiser, sailboat, or operate a commercial tourist vessel, this calculator is designed to improve your understanding about your power usage and needs.

Navigating through energy management can be complex, but with our user-friendly power calculator, you'll find it easier than ever. Enter your email address below to access our calculator instantly and start making informed decisions about your marine purchases. With the increasing interest in  marine energy solutions that enhance efficiency, and increasing trend toward eco-friendly marine technology, you can stay ahead with our power system calculator.

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