SIMRAD Boating & Marine Electronics

eMarine Solutions is your go-to SIMRAD dealer and marine electronics installer for SIMRAD chartplotters & fishfinders, sonar and transducers, autopilots and multifunction displays installation and sales for sports fishing boats, motor boats, luxury and commercial cruisers.


SIMRAD Chartplotters & Fishfinders

Simrad chartplotters and fishfinders serve as the central components of your boating setup.

Primarily, these devices facilitate the exploration of unfamiliar waters through engaging and interactive nautical charts. However, their capabilities extend beyond this core function.

Enhance your fishing experience by leveraging cutting-edge sonar technology. Gain the ability to monitor and manage your engines directly from the helm. Alternatively, transform your boat into a comprehensive entertainment center, allowing you to exercise full control over aspects ranging from music to lighting.

No matter what your ideal day on the water entails, a chartplotter stands as the initial stride towards turning that vision into a reality.

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SIMRAD Autopilot

Addressing wind and tide variations, a Simrad autopilot liberates you from continuous course adjustments while engaged in activities like trolling for game fish, plotting your next course, or simply cruising. Creating waypoints becomes a seamless task – just tap your desired location on the screen, and the autopilot will navigate you there.

Our array of solutions caters to diverse vessel types and sizes, allowing you to assemble your system gradually or initiate the process by opting for one of our autopilot core packs.

Let eMarine Solutions help you craft the optimal autopilot system to suit your boat size and steering system.

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SIMRAD Sonar & Transducers

With CHIRP Sonar and Sonar Imaging, seeing is believing. High fidelity images produced by the SIMRAD Sonar and Transducers will change your sport and game fishing experience.


CHIRP sonar stands out as a robust tool for tracking the bottom and locating fish. It surpasses the constraints of single-frequency broadband sonar by consistently scanning across a range of frequencies. With significantly reduced noise and improved target separation, CHIRP enables you to identify individual baitfish within a school or observe multiple closely-spaced game fish. Couple it with compatible SIMRAD imaging transducers and experience a completely new perspective under the water with higher-resolution transducers that provide detailed, near-picture-like views beneath the surface.

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Radar serves as a crucial tool for safety and situational awareness, displaying the range, graphical bearing, and heading of other vessels relative to yours. SIMRAD's innovative HALO pulse compression dome radars provide industry-leading 360-degree sweeps every second at close range, offering instant visual feedback on approaching, stationary, or moving-away targets.

Equipped with high-quality short, mid, and long-range detection, these feature-packed dome antennas ensure clear visibility of targets, even in challenging environmental conditions. SIMRAD radar is essential for monitoring other vessels during open water and offshore voyages, aiding decision-making for collision avoidance.

The radar features preset user modes that swiftly configure it for specific situations. Whether in the harbor or offshore, SIMRAD Radara offer a variety of modes to optimise your settings to provide the necessary information.

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