New Range of Custom Shore Power and Battery Cables

Author: Rob Franklin  Date Posted:1 March 2024 

eMarine Solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of ourr latest product offerings

A comprehensive range of shore power cables and battery cables tailored to meet the diverse needs of boaters.

Designed with quality convenience and versatility in mind, eMarine Solutions' shore power cables are available in a variety of plug sizes to accommodate both single phase and three phase applications. Whether docking at the marina or venturing out to sea, customers can rely on these high-quality cables for safe and reliable power connections.

With eMarine's customisable battery cables, you can create the right cable size and connections to suit your specific requirements for parallel or series configurations. With a range of sizes available, boaters can ensure efficient power distribution on board their vessels.

Browse and purchase eMarine Solutions' shore power and battery cables online at or order online and pick up youir cables in person.

About eMarine Solutions: eMarine Solutions is a leading provider of marine electrical solutions, offering a wide range of products and services to boaters across Australia. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, eMarine Solutions aims to empower boaters with reliable electrical systems for safe and enjoyable journeys on the water.

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